We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

What we are…and what we are not

Doha Home Educators is an educational support network for those who home school. A home school is a school in which parents teach their children an academic curriculum at home instead of sending them out to a public or private school.



-A network of families who provide our children’s education(s) in our own homes, whether through our own self-tailored curriculum, though local tutoring, through online distance learning, or through any combinations of these methods.

-A support network for ALL families who home educate, regardless of race, religion, or country of origin.

-A collective. Everyone participates, plans, and executes. Though the coordinator and steering committee help make sure we stay on track, it is truly a group effort where all come together to make things happen.


-A legal entity of the State of Qatar, or any way associated with the Supreme Education Council. There is no law on the books for or against expatriate home schooling here. ALL home education in Qatar is at your own risk and is subject to change.

– A certifying body. Any certifications of curricula, records, etc. must be obtained through a home country.

-A facility that educates children. We are not a school. We are not a school in a home. We are a group of parents.

-A provider of curriculum. Although we are happy to direct folks to things that have worked for our members, and between our members there is often generous loaning, we as a network in no way provide curriculum for you/your child.

-Responsible for your record keeping. That is up to you. And if your home country requires certain certifications, it is up to you to research these and make sure you comply.

-Professionals. Everyone involved in the coordination and steering is a volunteer, and has many life commitments, just like you! If an email is not answered right away, please be patient!

-Merely a social outlet for children awaiting school places. While we understand that some home school for a season, all members of DHE must be actively home educating at least one child between ages 4-18.



We DO:

-Help each other with advice about educating our children at home, curricula, struggles, etc. Home schooling can be tough. We are there to help each other with both the sorrows and the joys.

-Come together on occasions for fun class experiences outside of our normal home curricula.

– Facilitate social events for both children and parents.

– Organize field trips.

-Organize workshops.

-On occasion, organize general standardized testing from the U.S.

-Post information as we receive it on tutors and other services in Doha that might provide educational benefit.

-Provide an opportunity for home schooled children to know that they are not alone!



-Provide curriculum.

-Provide tutors.

-Provide grades.

-Provide necessary research that you must do about home education requirements in your home country (though we can help provide some direction as to where to begin.)


If home schooling is right for you and your family while in Qatar, we are happy for you to join us.


Comments on: "What we are…and what we are not" (37)

  1. brigette said:

    Hello. Need guidance in what to do. Our daughter is 7 years old, we are looking for homeschooling package and tutoring. Urgently please. Regards Brigette

    • Hello, what type of a curriculum do you need? Have you checked out our links?

      We do not provide tutoring, as it clearly says in the post. For that, you will have to advertise. But why do you need it for a 7 year old?

  2. Jessica Burgos said:


    I have my 7 years old son, since he cannot enroll in any school here because he is still under visit visa, we would like him to have a chance to join at your group to enhance his English language and his confidence, do we have to pay? or what are your procedures?

    • We are a support group. Anyone home schooling a child between ages 4-18 may join. But you must actually be home schooling; we do not provide curriculum or classes besides our biannual cooperatives.

  3. Shereefa Afreen said:

    Hi, I need to homeschool my 7 yes old son for these few months until July. I am looking for a list if homeschools recognised by the SEC so that I can enroll him into a private school in September next academic year. I have been to most SEC buildings here but every time I am directed to an office which has no clue. Can some one help me please?

    • Not sure I understand your question. In Qatar, home schooling is not legal for nationals, except under extenuating circumstances, and unregulated for expats. So there is no such thing as an “SEC approved” home school.

  4. Hi,

    How much is the home schooling expenses? Is it affordable or too expensive?

    • It depends! 🙂
      Some people use all inclusive or online programs, which can be quite pricey (though not as high as schools in Doha.)

      Others use various resources that are either free or cost effective and home school for very little.

      Most of us do something in between.

  5. Hello there . We will home schooling 6 year old son in September . Would love to come to any organised events where you catch up. How do I find out about those .
    Many thanks

  6. Hello, MY self Fatima Saher Hameed, iam looking for home education for my 8 yrs old daughter and 5 years old daughter for years 4 and KG 2 respectively.
    would you plz guide me how will you work if will join you fro their studies? what is your requirement? and all other important information.
    quick response will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi, Fatima,

      We are a support group for those who are educating their own children in their own homes. We can help you to find good curricula for your children, and when we do have our cooperatives, we’d be happy to have you join us.

  7. Do i have to pay you ? if yes how much and what will be the procedure, schedule of classes etc?

  8. Please read the above more closely; we do not provide curriculum. We are a non-profit support group. When we do gather for “extra-curricular” style classes, there are fees to cover costs.

    You will need to pay for whatever curriculum you will be using.

  9. Salma alshehabi said:

    Hello. I have a 2 years old son and would like to home school him. Can you please provide me with advice and if you have a group of qctivities for the littles can you inform me of them and how to join. Thank you

  10. Yassin aman mohamed said:

    I am planning home schooling for my children they are 10,11 and 13 yrs of age.
    We came from UK two and half years ago to qatar. As we are from the UK I would like for my children British curriculum. Can you please tell me how I can join your group and when is the next meeting.

    • Hi, Yassin,

      Where are your children in school now? Have you looked at the various British curricula available to you? You can join the group through Big Tent.

      The group is not having regular activities in the summer as so many of our members are traveling.

  11. How do I get involved in this.im looking for English reading class for my son

  12. Hi I would like to get in touch with you. My little girl is 3 year old and I would like to start to look in to home schooling. We stay in Al thakira and there is 2 schools I can send her to. But I did hear of bullying in the schools. And I don’t want to open her up to such nastynis yet. What can I do?

    Regards Ruchell

  13. Farzana Habib said:

    I cannot teach Maths at home to my son so thought to put him into a tuition centre in the evenings for that subject.
    What I was told was that all children at he centre must be registered in full time education. Can’t get a private tutor as they are outlawed now too so I don’t understand what is left.
    Don’t the sec allow a homeschooled child to be tutored at a tuition centre? And why not? Is there something I can do to convince the centre to let my son in? Is there some authorisation that can be given by the ministry that would reassure th centre they won’t get into trouble for allowing my son in??

    • As Nationals are not allowed to home school, the government, of course, sets up regulations in lieu of such laws. We would not recommend challenging the ministry on this. Rather, look to friends and family and online sources for help as an expatriate.

  14. Hi,
    What can i do to join my 3,8 old son? I want to take place in your gatherings, etc. if possible.
    Thanks in advance

  15. Hello,

    First of all, thanks so much for putting this website together. I have been exploring it and will be putting it to use as I spend the summer swishing a home schooling Programme for my children next year. I have two boys, age six and nine. I was wondering if it was at all possible to meet up with anyone at the association or perhaps attend a meeting. I would love very much to make our homeschooling experience a community experience and am hoping to meet other homeschoolers before everyone leaves for the summer. All the best !

  16. Regine Gomez said:

    Hi, we’ve just arrived here in doha for about a month and unfortunately my daughter didn’t got a slot in my prefered school here, and now I am bothered with the fact that she’ll be late in terms in advancing to grade level. She is supposed to enter Grade 1 this school year, but since there is no slot in the school the probability is that she will wait one school year to pass before she can start her 1st grade,in which i dont want to happen. Am I advisable to sent her to your home schooling program so that by the following here she can continue in Grade 2? thank you!

    • Hi, Regine! We don’t have a home schooling program – home schooling is when YOU provide her program!Check with the school first – what kind of program would they want her to do? Then we can help you find one and give you advice on how to provide it at home.


  17. Hi,

    Please much is a stady in this program,what is the curriculum and please provide to me for information my kids 3 years and I looking to join for this program

  18. Catherine said:

    Hi! I would like to seek your assistance/advice regarding process of home schooling as we are planning to bring our children in Doha next year. They are 11 and 5 years old. We highly appreciate your response. Many thanks!

    • Hi, Catherine! What you decide to do for your children has a lot to do with where you’re from, what your plans are while in Doha, and what your plans are afterward. First, check the home schooling regulations of your home country – we all home school under the auspices of of home country/state/province, as Doha has no formal rules for expats. Second, are you planning to home school for your entire time in Doha, or temporarily? And where are you going next? These questions will put you on the right track.

      For more personalized answers, email/Facebook message us!

  19. Diana Benni said:

    May I join your group please as I am interested in homeschooling my child .

    • HI, Diana!
      Our group is for people who ARE actually homeschooling their children. 🙂 If you have questions about homeschooling, please send them though our Facebook page. When you’ve made the commitment and are homeschooling at least one school-aged child in Qatar, then you may join. 🙂

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