We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

Join Us

Qatar is growing by leaps and bounds and so is this group.  Many families are turning to homeschooling as an interim until seats are available in schools.  Information about home schooling, how to get started, and curriculum suggestions are available along with friendship and understanding.

So I’ve looked around and like what I see.  How do I join and what are the requirements?

There are several ways to participate in our group.

“Like” us on Facebook – keep up with the group though our Facebook page! Click the “Like” tap on our main page.

Email only – Our Big Tent email group.

Our main forum is through Big Tent, where our main activities are posted.  Members find out about activities,  register for co-ops, or post questions/concerns. We also have an internal Facebook page for current/past members of DHE to share links and ideas.

We are having fun and want to help out.  Ask one of our DHE Team to learn more.


  1. You must be a home schooler of at least 1 school-aged child (school-aged is defined as age 4-18)
  2. You must be living in Qatar*
  3. Be willing to share information about you and your family on a membership application

If you meet these requirements, we invite you to go to http://www.bigtent.com/groups/dohahomeed You will see the sign in box on your right.

Please fill out the application completely.  This information is required for approval.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

But what if my child’s not yet 4?

DHE is designed for those who are teaching school-aged children. However, if you are the parent of a younger child and are considering home schooling, we may be able to give some direction, and even have some activities geared more for the “littles” (age 2-5). Please drop us an email to be put on our list for activities geared for pre-schoolers!


DHE Administrators

*Guest Memberships: A 3 month guest membership is available for homeschooling families prior to their move to Qatar.


Comments on: "Join Us" (56)

  1. Carole Cowie said:

    I tried to sign up for the guest membership as we are moving to Doha in August but it wouldn’t let me – it said my child was not primary age, but never asked me anything about my child. Anyway, we are from New Zealand, and have a nine year old who has been homeschooled for the last three years and will continue to be homeschooled in Doha. What do I need to do to get the guest membership?
    Thanks, Carole

  2. Hi Carole
    Did you get the issues with membership sorted out?
    If not can we have a chat about it on Monday at Etiquette Lessons

  3. Hello there
    We will be moving to Doha in this coming November 2011. I have two children age 7 and 4. I never imagined that schooling would be a problem but I have been callng up all kinds of schools and seems that getting into any for this year might be impossible. So I am seriously considering homeschooling and it came to my suprise that I am not alone. I need lots and lots of information and help though, as I do not intend to home shcool my children forever, just until they are able to get into a proper school which might mean next year. My biggest question would be, do schools accept children coming from a home schooling enviroment?
    please I need someone to talk to if anyone could help. thank you so much

  4. I do like the idea,but cause it s the 1st time to hear about and i wanna try it with my son who s 4.5 old.i wanna know if i can join this programes and this home schooling while he s in his school,as i wanna him gain many things i didnt find in his school???pls i ll wait ur reply as i DO wanna join the group if i can???

  5. Hi I’m Isabel, mother of 3 school age girls 2 in preschool and 1 in grade 3. My girls are still in school but I am seriously considering homeschooling as I can’t seem to find a good school in Doha which we can afford. I would really appreciate if I can learn more about homeschooling through this group. Please let me know if I can join the group. Thank you.

    • Hi there,
      We are an Australian family new to Doha & my daughter is 3.5 years old. We have been involved with the Waldorf Steiner and Montessori play and learning programs before. I too am struggling to find any pre schooling or nursery programs in Doha that share our style of learning.
      I understand that my daughter is young, however do you have other parents with young children facing the same challenges here? I’d like to try and start a playgroup in Doha with like minded families….??
      Do you think there would be enough interest?
      Thank you

      • spikenbutchsmom said:

        Hi, Michelle!

        We are working on getting a “pre-schoolers” group going. We want to try to keep a balance between bringing our “littlest littles” into the group, while not detracting from what our school-agers truly need. We would be happy to both keep you posted and have your input in this endeavor!


        Margaret Douglass
        DHE Coordinator

      • Hi michelle,

        My daughter is 20 months and I found ur post as I was searching for steiner groups/schools in doha. Ive been in qatar for a few months and ive already heard a lot about schooling here. My daughter hasnt been involved in any steiner playgroups but we r going to london for a year and I intend to enrol her in one there. I was also thinking of starting a steiner playgroup but on my return in 2014. Email me on sundos.ashi1@gmail.com if your interested. Sundos

  6. We will be bringing our girls out to visit Dad (who is on contract in Doha) for the month of March (2013) and then again for 3 months in the fall. They will be in grade two in the fall and, as we will be traveling back and forth I think Home Schooling is a better fit. Should I join your group before we arrive in March? Looking for any information … feeling mildly overwhelmed… Thanks so much

  7. sorry … forgot to mention …. I’m also looking for information on tutors.
    Has anyone used home tudors or private teachers? thanks

    • Laura, you can apply as a Member Not in Doha for 90 days for right now, and renew later. Hope everything goes well with your transitioning to Doha! Email us if you need help!



  8. I am having same issues as Carole Cowie – told chilsd age was 2 young
    how was this resolved please

    • First, check your browser. We’ve especially found problems with Big Tent on tablet-based browsers. If switching browsers does not help, make sure you’re trying during U.S. business hours, as Big Tent often does maintenance overnight. Lastly, keep trying! Sometimes, it’s just a strange Big Tent thing! If none of those work, shoot us an email and I’ll try to sort it out through Big Tent admin.



  9. Hi :

    i Do like the idea, We are Egyptian family,my son is 6 years he is in school and my daughter is 3 years .please i do need more details and information and how to join .please i ll wait a reply .
    thanks in Advance

  10. Hey Ladies ,
    I am interested in getting My daughter tested for Dyslexia , we also considered home schooling her . Any help will be good for me or advice will be welcomed .

    • Alicia, you might try the Sylvan Learning Center for dyslexia testing. There are also some counselors who are certified in their home countries but will test here. (Unfortunately, the one I could recommend has left Doha. 😦 ) Are you a member of Doha Mums? You might try a posting there to see if anyone’s tested recently. I’ll ask the DHE network if they know of anyone. 🙂

      Cheers ~ Margaret

  11. Suzanne balkis said:

    Hi there,
    I want to know what’s the name and website for homeschooling on qatar. I have my 7 yrs old son in a private school and he has been bullyed everyday. I want to put him in homeschool but i can’t find any in qatar until i saw your website. Please help me. Thank you

    • Hi, Suzanne! Home school literally means teaching your child yourself in your own home. If you are still interested, please let us know, and we can direct you to some resources!



  12. Hello, My name is Sagal. I tried to sign up for my kids, who we’re homeschooling, but it won’t let me sign up. The form doesn’t want to accept the kids ages (?). Is there an alternate way to sign up? Also, I contacted you via email at the beginning of the school year, but nobody replied to me.

  13. mail02@laposte.net said:

    hello i would like my children speak with another children for learn arabic and english on skype
    i live in france and i do homeschooling

  14. hello , I tried to complete the form and it is not saving the child fields. I have attempted many time with no luck, how can I finalize the membership please? my daughter is 15 years old. thanks

  15. My child is 6years old need guidance on dyslexia.

  16. Marcia Martin said:

    What is the email address for Big Tent Tech help ? I cannot save the Child Details section to register.

  17. Roisin Bennett said:

    Hi, I am having difficulty signing up, a number of fields, such as telephone number saying ‘invalid’. Can you advise please, thank you.

  18. Hi I am interested to join home schooling group due to documents attestation problem, I want to know what’s the procedure of assessment and certification of each year
    Thanks worried mum

    • Sorry, Phaiza – we have nothing to do with that. 😦 We have no legal authority in this country, nor do we pretend to. We are only a support group.
      That is an SEC ruling that is being constantly revised, and you need to contact them about attestation requirements.

  19. Celia Marie Watchorna said:

    Hello there. I signed up last year but apparently was unable to join. My three daughters are still out of school and with the escalating school fees, homeschooling is our only option. Can you still take us in?

  20. Fatima Saher Hameed said:


    iam pakistani mother, living in Qatar and waiting to get the approval for Residence permit, i have 2 school going daughters, and till i will not get residence permit my daughters will get admission, my elder daughter is 7.6 and student of year 3, while my younger daughter is 4.9 , student of KG2, iam very worried for their education, are they willing to get the admission in your school?, what is your requirement, ( document, fees etc), your quick response will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • We wish you all the best, Fatima, but we are not a school. We are a network for those who are educating their own children in their own homes. Sorry! But if you are interested in perhaps doing distance learning with your children, you might talk to http://www.weshome.com about British education abroad.

  21. Hey my daughter is 15 and we are in Qatar… I would like my daughter to be home schooled.. and How do I join her in home schooling is there any particular site

    • Home schooling can take many forms, depending on the curriculum you choose, the country you’re from, etc.
      Have you decided on what you’re going to use yet?

  22. Hello. I’m 17 years old, and am trying to get into homeschooling due to stress issues. What syllabus should I follow and can i get into Qatar University after I finish my 12th grade? I’m at grade 11 at the moment. Thank you.

    • Nihal,

      Not sure what they would accept, but probably a certified program from something like K-12 or Wolsey Hall would do it. Please be aware, however, that if you carry a Qatari passport, you will need special permission from the SEC to school at home.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Nihal
      I would like to know if you joined homeschooling .If so can I contact you to know more about your experience.

  23. Howard Segan said:

    I am 35 year career educator – teacher, professor, consultant – heading to Qatar in August to work with EMS. I would be fascinated to know more about your ways and possibly participate in some helpful manner. Please, let’s establish contact.

    • Howard, it’s always great to have positive ties with the educational community here – we’ve had the pleasure of working with numberous teachers/administrators in Qatar schools over the years. Please do send us an email to dohahomeeducators@gmail.com when you arrive.

      Kind regards,
      Margaret Douglass
      Doha Home Educators

  24. Natasza Vasilopoulou said:

    hello, are 2 mothers with 5 years old boys, we will start homeschooling them, anybody interested in doing our group, nataszagr@yahoo.com

  25. Farzana habib said:


    Wondered if u could give me some info. I am living and working in doha and my daughter needs to go into grade 5 but rather than settle for a school i dont like i prefer to homeschool as i jave done previous kids. Now my question is that if i want to put her into achool at a later date maybe next year or the year after what are the rules here in doha abput it. Do we need certification from a school to get her into the correct year or is it possible to go straigjt from homeschooling into school as long as we pass the schools entrance exam.
    Would appreciate a quick reply


    X farzana

    • Farzana habib said:

      Sorry about the typos😕

    • No worries about the typos! 🙂

      It varies from school to school, Farzana, but many are willing to take the children based simply on entrance exams. Some may want to see some sort of record of what you did and/or some standardized testing. But Qatar did rescind its ruling on getting transcripts certified, so there should be no trouble in that department.

      Best to check and see what the schools you are interested in would require, and make sure you keep that in mind while you are home schooling, so you are prepared. If you are definitely going the home school route, do join out forum at https://www.bigtent.com/groups/dohahomeed.

  26. Hi,
    i would like to join your group. I am an educator as well as I work in an international school. i would like to start with my kids homeschooling.

  27. Hi
    I am a mother of a 4 years old and 6 years old girls who are currently in school, but I am considering to home school my daughters temporary for 1 year before we move back to South Africa where they will start in school in January 2019.
    I would like to know more about home schooling to determine if it is the right decision to be made and if I am capable of doing it. And ofcourse how to get started, what to expect, what curriculum to use…etc.
    Please advice.
    Thank you

  28. Hello,
    I tried o have an account with the big tent but it looks there were some mistakes that stopped me from being accepted.

    I have three little ones, two of them currently in school and the last one is meant to start next year.

    Being extremely insatisfied with almost everything the school offers ( British curriculum) I am thinking of switching into homeschooling.

    I have however some concerns about the just in case we would need to get back to school, the books…, curriculum, fees.

    Also, my daughters have only British passports while I am not a native British which makes me not the best English speaker because of my accent, I don’t know if i am lonely in ”
    This condition.

    Thank you.

  29. Thank you very much spikenbutshmoms for he very prompt answer.

    I am not that bad in English with an ilets score of 7.5 six years ago…..

    I already teach them at home and by the end of each term doing the revisions drives me mad, I literally feel doing the job.

    The only concern is the accent….

    I will contact you, thank you very much for the encouragements.


  30. Hi,
    We are desperately looking for parents following the British curriculum for KG1 & 2.
    Any help please.

  31. Wafa, are you in Doha % on our private forums? Lots of people are still traveling, but some are active.

    Also, have you tried the What Your Year _____ Student Should Know series by Dr. E.D. Hirsch? It’s the UK version of his award-winning American sequence.


    Hope that helps some. 🙂

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