We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.


What is home schooling?

Homeschooling or home school (also called home education or home learning) is the education of children at home, typically by parents but sometimes by tutors, rather than in a formal setting of public or private school. Some types of home schooling are very formal and very similar to what takes place in a school, while others are quite informal (such as unschooling, a child-led home education method).

Are you a school?

No. We are a support group for parents who educate their own children at home.

Is Home Schooling Legal in Doha?

If you are not a Qatari citizen, yes. Or, more precisely, there is no law against it for expatriates.

How Do I Register to Home School?

Since there are no laws on the books for the regulation of home schooling in Qatar, any registration would be under the laws of your home country/state/province/city. A great resource for finding the laws you need is the Home School Legal Defense Association. Though a U.S. organization, HSLDA is a great resource internationally, too.

Are there Requirements to Join Doha Home Educators?

Yes, you must be home schooling at least one child school-aged child (4-18) and live in Qatar.

I’m moving to Doha and have lots of questions; can you help me?

While we are quite happy to help you as you get settled, we are probably not the best place for finding all the answers to your “moving to Doha” questions. Please check these online forums first to see if the information you are seeking has already been discussed.





Other resources:

Marhaba is a quarterly magazine that you can buy at any good supermarket. While the information in it isn’t comprehensive it still does contain a wealth of information.

The sections are divided into Shopping, Tourism, Restaurants, Hotels, What to do, etc.

It costs QR 20 and I find it a great resource to have around for anything from phone numbers one’s likely to need to ideas on what to do.

For questions about your move that specifically relate to home schooling your children, please email us at  dohahomeeducators@gmail.com.

I have a preschooler not in nursery. Can you help?

DHE is specifically designed for those schooling ages 4-18 (IE. school-aged children) and is not an alternative to nursery. However, if you are considering home schooling your child, we can help you get started. In this case, please do not try to join the forum, but instead email us at the address above for more information. We will get you in touch with those who are running activities for our “littles”!

Where can I find a curriculum for my child?

Check the links here on our site! If you are looking to home school temporarily or are nervous about finding the right program for your child, we recommend an all-inclusive curriculum program, such as K12, Calvert, or Worldwide Education Services. If you are home schooling because your child learns in a different style than the schools provide here, you may want to mix and match curriculum to suit your child.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us or check out our Facebook page.

Is It Hard?

Like all things that are worth it, it takes an effort! Especially if your child has already been in school for a while, don’t be surprised if it takes a few months to make the transition into home education. Be patient, with both your child and yourself! But in the end, most who home school successfully find that the hard work pays off with a child who enjoys learning more, and is able to learn well.


Comments on: "FAQ’s" (34)

  1. how much does it cost to homeschool in Qatar – a rough estimate from previous experience?

  2. Mrs Almansoor said:

    I am a Qatari citizen and my husband and I have decided we want to home school our child. According to the FAQs we are not allowed to home school? Is there any more information about this or suggested solutions for Qataris like us?

  3. Mrs Almansoor said:

    Hi. I am a Qatari citizen and my husband and I have decided we want to home school our child. We aren’t happy with the choice of schools and would like to start home schooling from first grade. According to the FAQs we are not allowed to home school? Is there any more information about this or suggested solutions for Qataris like us?

    • Unfortunately, Madam Al Mansoor, we have no control over that – that’s Qatari law. Per statute 25/2001, all Qatari nationals are mandated to send their children to schools here. Expatriates can home school because there is no law in Qatar regarding the mandatory attendance of residents – only Qatari citizens. The only way around it is to apply for waiver through the SEC, or work through the governemnt to get the law changed/modified.

      If you decide to do either, please let us know! We occasionally hear from Qatari nationals, but we are not in a position right now to help. If the law is altered, or if you find of ways to get a waiver, please do keep us informed.

  4. Laura green said:

    We are starting a home school program in Doha for our 8 year old son this fall. We are interested in hiring a tutor to provide instruction and are wondering if anyone has recommendations for how to go about finding such a tutor. Ay advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Best, Laura

  5. Is there anyone we have to notify if we decide to homeschool here in Doha? I’m pulling my daughter from the school she is at and would like to know if there is a process. Do we have to notify the SEC?

  6. Irene Liauw said:

    Our family just move to Doha last Tuesday. My husband and I keep debating about rather we go for homeschooling or not. I want to know more about how to mix and match the curriculum and start a homeschooling cause to be honest this is my first time ever to do homeschooling. I don’t know how to handle 3 kids and homeschool all of them at the same time. Is it possible? I have 3 kids age 10,6 and 4 and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Irene Liauw

  7. Hello all, I am trying to get in contact with someone who is aware of group activities planned for home schoolers in Doha. How could I contact someone to talk with?

    Thank you.

  8. May Belen-Balana said:

    Hi, we just moved in last week. My boys aged 12 and 10 years old been homeschooling for 2 years in Malaysia using the Alpha & Omega Christian Curriculum. We plan to continue their schooling here in Doha. Please advise how we can continue. Any documents needed? We haven’t get their permanent record yet because if we can’t find homeschool center here, we can still continue getting the books in Malaysia. Hope you can help us settle our concerns. Thank you so much.

    • Hi, May,

      Were you in a centre in Malaysia, or in your own home? Here, home instruction is done actually in the home. Although we sometimes gather as home schooling families, we have no centre here.
      Home schooling is not formally recognized by Qatar; it’s own nationals cannot home school except in extenuating circumstances, and expats are not under any Qatari regulations. Therefore, it’s necessary to follow one’s rules from home, and make sure you have any documents you need for them.

      If you are trying to enroll your children in school here, the private schools can once again accept students based on their own testing, so it’s not necessary to have prior records for them.

      Hope that helps some!

      • May Belen-Balana said:

        Thank you so much for the reply, we really appreciate. Both my kids just do it at home but we do visit the center to get their materials. Anyway, thanks for the information. We will figure out first which one suitable for them. 🙂

  9. Our 16 year old daughter is moving here in August from the US. Are there any other teens out there being home schooled? She normally attends school and we will be looking at trying to get her into a school, but we want this as a back up, as we have heard the waiting lists are so long. Any helpful advice and tips welcome! Thanks 🙂

  10. Does anyone in Doha use Classical Conversations curriculum
    ( https://www.classicalconversations.com/ ) that you are aware of?

    • Not sure, but I’m happy to ask in our private forums. Are you looking to buy? Sell? Discuss?


      • I am mostly looking to network and discuss it with others there who use it since it is the curriculum I will be using when I come. I will be there sometime in September. I was planning to ask around in some of the private forums once my request to join got approved but thought I would ask here in the meantime.

        I do know several families who use it here, so I have been able to learn quite a bit through them.

        Thank you for responding and in advance for any help you can offer in finding out if anyone there is using it.

  11. Need information on how to home school a first grader. Are there group study’s any where

    • We’ll be running co-op for enrichment classes in the autumn, Ida. Also, more activities will be coming up as more folks get in country. Check out our Big Tent forum and our Facebook pages!

      Meanwhile, if you’re doing an American-based curriculum, one of the best resources is What Your First Grader Should Know by Dr. E.D. Hirsch. Everything you need to teach is there. It’s a great series, and now available for a UK based curriculum, too.

  12. Hi there,

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  13. Hi, I am Dr. Vinod from India and moved here recently . My son is 4+ yrs and according to Qatar laws i can’t get him into a school, only if my son gets his PR he can get into a school provided if there are vacancies in that particular class / standard . I was going through some online discussions and came across this site, loved the idea of this group & would like to get more information about the whole group,activities and whats the procedure to follow to get into the group. Thank you

    • Hi, Dr. Vinod! First, check with your home country/state/province to make sure you are following your applicable home schooling rules from home. As long as one is home educating a child 4-18 here in Qatar as an expat, you may join in our support network. With a 4 year old boy, we would suggest an easy going, hands on approach with lots of activities. Our Younger Doha Home Educators sub group has weekly play dates.

      Hope that helps some! Cheers!

  14. Dr. Vinod said:

    Thank you @spikenbutchsmom ! I am interested in the network, How do I join the support network ? What are the formalities ? Whom do I contact or how do I get in touch with younger DHE subgroups ? Any contact info like a Mobile Number / an email .

  15. Hello, I am working here in Doha and I am intending to bring my family with me here. My one concern was that I have 3 kids aged 8, 4 and 3. I guess it would be hard for us financially to send them to school. Instead I was thinking of homeschooling them. How much does it cost for homeschooling? And what are the requirements? We are filipino. I would appreciate it if you could send me your reply to my email at alecs25ph@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

    • Hello! Please keep in mind that when we say “home schooling” we are referring to a parent teaching in his/her own home! Costs depend on the curriculum one is using. Please see our FAQs and What We Are…And What We Are Not.

  16. Hello,

    For most of you parents having difficulty teaching your kids at home, we have a support facility from Hafa Math Academy.

    We provide live tutoring through the computer (ONLINE) with a human tutor conducting the class. Each session is of one hour duration.

    There are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS. You can take as little as just 1 class in a week if you like to.

    The rates are very nominal and you can keep switching the tutor until a tutor of your liking matches your child. Math / English / Science subjects are covered for all curricula.

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