We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.


Doha Home Educators consists of expats who are home schooling their child or children in Qatar.

The purpose of the group is to connect expatriate parents and their children with one another and to facilitate the exchange of information as it pertains to parenting, home schooling, and other relevant topics in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

Among the functions that we offer are the following:

*Mom’s Night Out
*Children’s Activities:  Field Trips, Enrichment Activities

We also have various cooperative learning opportunities offered throughout the year.

Our secure, members-only website contains a forum for questions & information-sharing, an Events Calendar, and a member roster. We also have a Classifieds section, where you can post ads to buy/sell, lend/borrow, and request/offer services etc.

If you have any questions about the group please visit http://DohaHomeEducators.com or contact our DHE Team at dohahomeeducators@gmail.com.

Welcome to Doha. . .and welcome to Doha Home Educators!

Kindest Regards,
DHE Administrators


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  1. Tammy Campbell said:

    Hi there
    I would like to find out what is entailed in joining your home schooling system. We have been in Doha for just over a month and my daughter in Year 1 is really battling to settle into the school system. I am looking for a more favourable/ peaceful option than literally dragging her to school kicking and screaming that she hates it. I am a teacher by trade and was wondering whether home schooling was a better option at least for ahile until we can find her a school she will be happy in? I am really reaching a desperate point, can inform me basically how the programme runs as well as the costs involved.
    Many Thanks

    • Doha Home Educators is a group of homeschooled families from different backgrounds but that have one thing in common….. we all homeschool our children.
      There is no organized program offered by the DHE but each family schools using the curriculum of their own choice and in their own home. To join is free and we meet for field trips and some activities like the art classes you can see on this website, or the Spring Coop which is currently running. We also have a monthly Mom’s night’s out for the mothers (at this stage we do not have any fathers who are homeschooling their children) to socialize and support each other.

  2. So are you allowed to homeschool your child/chîldren in Qatar. I am looking at hiring a qualified British teacher? I have 4 children ranging from 5 to 10. Thanks

    • As an expat, you’re not NOT allowed to do so. Qatar has a mandatory attendance rule on the books, but it is for Qatari nationals.

      As far as tutors go, there are many qualified British teachers living here who are not working, or not working full time, so you should have no problem. You also might check out some of the British based distance learning that is out there, such as Worldwide Educational Services and Wolsley Hall.



  3. Good day ,

    My daughter 9 is in school but I have not seen any progress with her academic achievement I am considering homeschooling .We would like the British system for her she is also ADHD so I need some advice .

  4. Hello,
    My family may end up in Doha and I will likely homeschool there.
    Do a lot of families rely on online learning? Or do people pack up their books and bring them along? Is there any sort of opportunity to exchange books within your community as kids grow out of the materials?

    • Hi, Susan! We recommend online learning if you plan to put your children in school later, as Qatar requires certified transcripts to do that. As far as books go, a lot of people bring books or have them sent, and yes, there are opportunities to swap/buy from other home schoolers. 🙂

  5. Thank you very much.There is something else I’ve thought of.
    How common is the “educational toy store”…the sort of place where one could buy Snap Circuits and tin can robot kits, etc.?
    And also, is it safe to assume the more crafty kits are everywhere…Klutz brand, Melissa and Doug, etc.?

  6. There are some places for educational supplies, like the I Spy Bookstore in City Centre. But Snap Circuits aren’t available here, so you’d need to bring from home or have shipped. And although many craft supplies are available here, if you want specific kits, it’s hit & miss – better to bring those form home as well!

  7. Thank you again for your response. I appreciate it.

  8. what is the cut-off date for children turning 4?

    • Not quite sure what you mean by “cut-off” date. 🙂

      If you are home schooling a child in Doha who is age 4, you may join our forum. However, please be aware that current pedagogical research does not promote the imposition of formal academics on a child so young, so we do advise caution with how formal you get with your 4 year old.

  9. What I mean is, is there a date they have to be 4 by? My girls will turn 4 next year (I’m researching in advance), is there a specific date they have to turn 4 by in order to join the group? Also, we do entirely play based learning at home for their home curriculum which I plan on continuing next year.

    • Nope! Just apply to the forum in the month that she turns 4, if you’re already working with her. 🙂
      Good choice! And great that you’re already researching! 🙂

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