We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.


Doha Home Educators is a community of expatriate families from around the world that are educating their children at home.  We are an inclusive group of families which welcomes many different styles of homeschooling. We are mindful and respectful that home schoolers come from all religions, backgrounds, and cultures – therefore our focus is strictly educational and social in nature. We embrace this diversity and are bound together by the common goal of giving our children the best homeschooling experience possible.

We offer friendship, support, advice, both in-person and through our online forum.  Our activities are organized by volunteers and include park days, enrichment classes, field trips and moms-only gatherings.

Please explore our website www.DohaHomeEducators.com for more details on what we’re all about, how to become a member and upcoming events and articles as they relate to homeschooling.  If you have further questions, please feel free to email Margaret at dohahomeeducators@gmail.com

Comments on: "Welcome" (21)

  1. Rebecca Lavallee said:

    Great to see such an active homeschooling group in Doha. I love your photos and synopses of your activities, especially the art. May I ask what art program that was? We would love to be able to duplicate that in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    R Lavallee
    Abu Dhabi HomeSchool Association

    • The art classes were run by a friend of one of our homeschool families. She is a qualified Architect and Interior Decorator and has studied Art, so was a wonderful teacher for our students.
      She put the lesson plans together herself and the course ran for about 8 weeks.
      I hope you can find someone to run a similar course in Abu Dhabi. Maybe there is an art student at a local university that would be willing to do this for the group.


  2. Estelle Ellis said:

    Good Day,
    We are a South African Family that will be moving to Doha in September 2014. We are currently home schooling, using the Impak-program. I would love to hear from any other families that also use this curriculum , or that is from South Africa and also home schooling in Doha. Can you please make contact with us, that will be greatly appreciated.


    Estelle Ellis

  3. Jonette V. Parrilla said:

    Hi, Planning to homeschool my year 9 son this coming school year. Will be using a program from our home country -Philippines. Any Filipinos in your group?

  4. Reemnajeeb said:

    Hi there,
    Do you know of a proper network like yours in Bahrain?

  5. We are moving to Doha the end of July and will be doing an online program for the first time. I would like to get my 9th grade girls into a music program (orchestra and choir) in Doha. Any suggestions?

  6. The website states the school is closed to enrollment for September. Any thoughts?

    • That could be – they’re closed now for the summer. May be something that can’t be sorted until September. Another possibility is joining Doha Mums and asking if anyone is giving lessons privately.

  7. I have recently shifted to Doha and want my son and daughter to start home schooling as soon as possible.he is 10 years old and is in year 3 and my daughter is 13 and she is in yeear 7. can you guide me what to do.Thanks Hadia

    • Hadia, what country are you coming from and what curriculum were you interested in? Were your children in school before? If so, what type? Is home schooling a new adventure for you? If so, why would you like to? If not, what would you like to change?

      The answers to these questions and more will help you to figure out what kind of curriculum you should use and how to go about it!

  8. Hi…
    Am new to Doha.
    Am an Indian and it’s new thing for me.
    Needs help from u guys.


  9. Najma essack said:

    Hi. We planning to relocate to doha. And needed to find out more about the homeschooling. I have 3 kids eldest currently doing grd8 2017. Second in grd 2. Youngest is turning 5 in july. Please could really appreciate it if u could help us.

  10. Hi , could u let me know mor details information about home schooling and what about the certificate ??

  11. Hello. My daughter use to be in EMS Doha. We are from Romania and we are planing to move to Faeroe Island – Danemark. Here she was grade 4, but in Danemark Faeroe Island she will go backward 2 years ….so she will be 2nd grade now , from September she will go on grade 3. To start the home school or to go on for the new sistem we will get in? If we will not stay for long there….it will affect her school in future? Mentioned that will not be in english the school :-(. Hope somebody to give me advices. Thanks

    • The status of homeschooling is uncertain in Romania, so we would not advise trying it if you will return to Romania. The Danish system should be adequate.

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