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Back to School…Hard at Work

Sometimes, home schoolers are asked the question, “What do you DO all day?


Hard at work home schooling

Hard at work home schooling


Glad you asked!

We study, as any other students do. Sometimes that’s traditionally. Sometimes it’s not – like when we’re reading on the couch, or wandering through a museum, or writing thoughts while sitting outside.

We take notes and do labs. Or we create artwork or plays.Or we read aloud. Or we work through a computer. Or we do a mix of all of these things, depending on the subject and how far into it we’re getting.


Butch in chair

There is not “right” or “wrong” way to home school. It is all about finding what works for your child.

Sometimes folks who are new to home schooling are worried about what they are doing. Really, as long as what you are doing is motivating your child to learn and discover, you’re doing fine.

To all of our home schoolers who have gotten started on their new year this month, Happy Home Schooling.