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Swimming Horses?

Recently, our students got to tour the world-class Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre of Qatar Foundation. It’s an absolutely amazing facility!



Exploring Zubara

Doha Home Educators recently took a trip to Zubara Fort and Archeological Site in the north of Qatar. Our wonderful guide Nasreen showed us the workings of the site, the job of the archeologists, and the extent of the dig. It was a taste of the past with great plans for the future.

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Al Zubara Fort and Archaeological Dig Excursion

Some of the Doha Home Educators group ventured north to the top of the country, in a small convoy of cars, filled with Mom’s and children ready for our tour of the Fort at Al Zubara and the live archaeological dig of this wonderful piece of Qatari history.

After exploring the Fort we were given a private tour of the archaeological digs of the 16th century, fishing and pearling city of Al Zubara.