We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

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The biggest, most elaborate, most exciting cooperative learning opportunity in DHE’s history is about to begin tomorrow! Watch this space for updates!


Big Thanks To Our Co-Op Coordinators!

Doha Home Educators has now finished our biggest and most involved co-operative learning session EVEH!!

A huge thanks to our members who took on the herculean tasks of coordinating, and another big thanks to all our teachers.  Final thanks to everyone who pitched in for the closing party – what a blast!  Another co-op is coming up – watch this space!

Butch shows off his art work from Art class


Certificates being given for our Thinkg Games class

What is it like to homeschool in Doha?

Biology Dissection Class

Homeschooling in Doha is a truly unique experience. Over the years we’ve had so many wonderful experiences that have helped us to grow as individuals and as a family.  One of the greatest rewards has been the friendships that we have developed both within and without the homeschooling community.

Beginning Sewing Class

It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and meet other people from around the world.  It truly is a melting pot. The culture here is varied and while some can be found in the one and only museum more can be found in a living room, wandering through the Souqs or from your neighbor that heard that this activity or event was available, networking at its finest.  That is the best of what Qatar has to offer.

Ukranian Egg Dying Class

These photos above show some of the things that we’ve experienced:  Learning about Ukrainian Egg Dying techniques, plants in the local area and classes offered by other home schoolers.  This is such a small sampling.

What should I bring?

It has been our experience that….

  • you need to bring your curriculum with you
  • any specialty projects or tools bring with you
  • most toys are made of cheap plastic
  • general office supplies are readily available
  • page protectors are expensive
  • markers here dry out fast

What about field trips?

There are opportunities for field trips, keep your eyes and ears open.  If you are counting on it being to fabulous art and history museums, you will be disappointed.

Are there libraries?

Yes and no.  There are libraries all over Qatar.  Most of their materials are in Arabic.  Most offices, have small lending libraries with materials contributed by employees willing to share.  At this time, I’m not aware of children’s materials that are available for lending.

Are there bookstores?

Yes, there are a couple.  This number is growing all the time.  Presently my favorites are Jarir’s Bookstore, Virgin Mega Store and I Spy Book Store.  I Spy is located in City Centre Mall on the third floor opposite end from Carrefour near Extreme Sports.

Does the Home school group have activities for preschoolers?

The best option for preschool activities would be to join: http://www.dohaexpatmumsandkids.com/

Do you have social activities?

We have a limited offering of activities at the present time.  The offering depends on volunteers.  As our group becomes more active, more will be available.

Many of us are participating in the Doha Expat Mums and Kids group as they are able to offer activities that are more difficult to arrange without large groups of people to support them.


  • 8 week Art class
  • weekly kids activities – ice skating, bowling, park days, field trips etc.
  • Consistent mom’s nights once a month