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Line and Form

Again this week we had a wonderful lesson in Art focusing on line and form.

The students were given the opportunity to try out different mediums including, charcoal, felt pen, lead pencils and even drawing with an eraser.   They were given a black and white drawing of an eye and with the different mediums and different sketching techniques they recreated the eye picture.

The classes are well structured to cater for all ages and abilities.

Examples of student work using the different mediums.


Textures – Property of a Surface

This week we learned about a portion of the textures that make up our world. It is amazing how much we use our eyes to describe everything we see or feel. Color is a large part of it.

We started class with a review of the principles that we learned last week: Chromatic Circle, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Complimentary colors. The artists covered last week were Warhol, Lichenstein and Mondrian. This was all accomplished through power point slides.

Next was a hands on activity to use our eyes to observe textures. Then on to the hands on experience.

Each child had an opportunity to experience an object and describe the textures that he or she felt.

More hands on experiences followed with each student creating 6 different textures in their notebook covering half a sheet.

When they were finished all the papers went outside to be spray painted white. Why? So the color does not distract the eye and the textures can stand out even more.

What are your favorite textures?

Color Our World

We were inspired to color our world today.

This was the first of eight classes on the basics of art.

The children attending the class learned about the Color wheel otherwise known as the Chromatic circle.  Using primary colors they learned about secondary and tertiary colors and how to create them.

We learned a bit about the history of the wheel and why it was made along with artists who use it today in commercial art and those from our past in their works.

Then to practice the skills they learned Helen, our instructor, a designer and architect from France, showed us a swatch for 20 seconds.  It was then our job to recreate that color from memory.  What a fun exercise and the kids were really good at it.

For fun, we painted with primary colors using a new technique.  The paint is inside the egg.  Each child received approximately 6 eggs, so many blue, red and yellow.  They then threw the eggs filled with paint at their paper to create their works of art.

The eggs didn’t want to break on the grass.

So they threw them a little harder.

Here’s a finished piece with egg shell.  We took that off and let them dry.

Here’s another work of art.  There were eight children that participated in the class.

Next weeks class is on line and perspective.  That sounds interesting too.