We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

New Home Educators

New Home Schoolers in Doha

Some families come to Doha unprepared for the schooling situation or thought they had placement.  If you are in Doha and find yourself faced with home schooling the content below should give you a place to start.  If you are coming to Doha and will continue to homeschool your child, “What is it like to Home school in Doha?” is a great place to start.

It is helpful if you decide what your goals are before you start to look as that will narrow your search.   I found this article very helpful and it will help to avoid costly mistakes.


You may find this site helpful for working through a Step by step guide to designing a program that fits your family.  http://www.design-your-homeschool.com/Homeschooling-Guide.html

Starting with a list of goals in mind.  Here is a list that I made.

  1. 1. Hands on learning projects
  2. 2. Multiple age levels
  3. 3. Living Books
  4. 4. Coordinated literature and selections for reading aloud.
  5. 5. Includes language arts, writing by level, history, vocabulary, geography etc.
  6. 6. Includes lesson plans

A new homeschooler list might be like this:

  1. 1. Limited books (shipping costs)
  2. 2. Online
  3. 3. Limited parent participation
  4. 4. For one year or until seat is available.
  5. 5. One package
  6. 6. Inexpensive

Once you have goals it becomes easier to pick what fits your family’s needs.  This list below is a good place to start.

On Line:  These programs are particularly easy to use if you are schooling short term but it can work for long term as well.  To learn more about the pros and cons of this type of program go to


Primary (Elementary)


This is an inexpensive option that becomes less expensive if you purchase one year at a time.  There is a demo period for new users but you must give them credit card information to access this service.  Presently they are K-8 with the hopes of adding on the secondary at some point.

Secondary (High School)

www.k12.com or a similar all online program.  Many countries have similar style programs to this one so if you are from the UK look for UK k12 online and see what comes up.

These choices should make the transition back into the system pretty smooth.

Here are some other online schools that members of our group have used:

www.jubileeacademy.com (abeka online program)


Switched on Schoolhouse is their online program. You can

request a demo disk.


We used this program through a charter school for 2 years and

really thought they were very professional people to work with.

High quality courses.




http://www.oakmeadow.com/ (hands on with lots of projects)


More parental involvement:

Distance learning courses and prepackaged curriculums that come

with lesson plans….



www.abeka.com – Jubilee Academy is their online counterpart.

Alpha Omega Publications (life pacs version).



The following are suggested lesson plans and schedules. They include

plans for k-12. This is a great alternative if you are working under a

tight budget. You schedule how fast you work through the materials.

Books can be purchased through your favorite bookseller.


Parent planned study

This would be where the parent assesses the needs of the student

and develops a curriculum around those needs. There are many places

you can go to obtain curriculum or materials. Here are some of my

favorites. There are many more in the links section on the group.



www.thebaldwinproject.com (public domain books)

http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page (public domain books)

www.handsofachild.com (lapbooks)

www.currclick.com (Ebooks)


www.audible.com (Audio books)

Child Directed Learning

The child chooses what areas they wish to study. Parents act as

facilitators and inspiration. To learn more you can google for the

following subject lines. This is particularly good for a motivated child

or one a child that needs to detox and obtain a love of learning.

Thomas Jefferson Education – This will work with almost every other

program and compliments them nicely


Child led learning

Moore Foundation (Raymond and Dorothy Moore)


Comments on: "New Home Educators" (55)

  1. Hi Bethany
    Sorry to not have answered to your query before now. I am new to administrating this website so am finding my way around slowly, and as you may know Summer break is just over and most families leave Doha for a few months.
    Did you end up moving to Doha or are you still thinking of coming here?
    To try and answer a few of your questions just in case we have a great homeschool support group here. There are a lot of families who homeschool in Doha and some get involved in everything we do and organise and others just participate in a few things from time to time.
    Regular activities and support events are our monthly get togethers for things like tenpin bowling, ice skating, zoo trips, museum trips, park days etc. These are arranged as a regular ‘once a month’ event. There is also support for us homeschool Mom’s with a monthly ‘Mom’s night out’ which proves to be a lot of fun. Sometimes this is a dinner hosted in someone’s home or otherwise we go out to a restaurant for dinnner. It is always a lot of laughs, there are a great bunch of women here.
    Curriculum can be done online, bought with you or ordered online and shipped in. Most people set up an ‘Aramex’ shipping account when they arrive here, which proves to be the easiest and quickest way to get items. We also swap and sell curriculum amongst ourselves.
    There are a few bookshops that carry limited items but I have found some good thing amongst their books but you can’t rely on them for full curriculum.
    Art and craft supplies are quite easy to buy here. Things like paint, canvas, sketch pads, glitter, stickers, cardboard, plaster, clay etc.
    If you were wanting scrapbooking supplies or knitting that is few and far between. There are also stores that will photocopy, bind etc for a very reasonable cost. Office supplies are in abundance.

    Hopefully this is not too late and you will find some of it helpful.

  2. Sorry to not have replied earlier.
    Our families at DHE all educate their children differently. For example I do an eclectic arrangement of subjects and resources which required a lot of lesson planning and researching. Others choose from online curriculum or they order online and have it shipped in to Qatar.
    If you look down the left-hand side of the DHE website you should see links to some online curriculum and also other resource websites organized by country. There are a few South African ones there too. These are added by members of DHE that have tried them and are only a guide to use when selecting the curriculum that suits you and your family best.
    I hope that you can find something among the links to help you out.

  3. Hello,

    I am a father of three children (ages 6, 8 and 11). Would very much like to meet some of the home schooling coordinators during my trip to Doha this coming Sunday and Monday. It would be ideal to witness a home schooling program in action if possible.

    I am only there for a total of 3 days (Jan 8-10). Is it possible for a coordinator (or two) to give me about 30-45 minutes out of their busy schedule?

    Please contact me at sendmail0 – at – gmail dot com and we can discuss logistics in more detail.

    Thanks very much !
    Faisal Ansari
    Atlanta, Georgia, US

    • Hi Faisal,
      Sorry that this reply is too late to meet with you during your trip to Doha.
      The Doha Home Educators does not run a program to educate your child. We are made up of a number of families who are all schooling their children in their own homes and with their own chosen curriculum. Some use an online curriculum and others bring textbooks with them when they move to Doha as there is not very much available here.
      Take a look down the left hand side of the webpage for links to some curriculum websites that have been recommended by others in the group. We get together from time to time for special events like swimming, art classes, tennis lessons or at present we are running a Spring Coop (more can be seen on the website in the coming weeks as it unfolds).

  4. Arrelle Cabrera said:

    Hi, I am a filipina here in Doha . My son who has ADHD is really having a hard time coping up in a regular school setting. It’s a great relief to find your site. I’ve been in doubt of homeschooling my son. As a former teacher before I know my son will be in a better learning state if I home schooled him. The only thing I’m worried of is socialization and what if i got burnt out. Hope you can help me here. I’d like to know more about your group as well. Are there other filipinos there? Thanks and God bless.

    • Hi Arrelle
      Welcome to DHE. We are a mixed nationality group of home school families from South Africa, Australia, America, New Zealand and various Arabic nations. At this stage there are no other filipino families with us but we would love to have you come along and join in. The age group of children range from between toddler to about 15 years old. As homeschool mums we do get burnt out from time to time but with support from others we get through it. We have monthly Mom’s night’s out which is great for socialization and support but most people in the group are available for a chat and advice if you need it.
      We also have regular get togethers for the children. Regular park days, other social activities approximately monthly, like ice-skating, ten pin bowling, swimming etc. Sometimes a family will offer lessons in an area they have a specific interest in like the weekly art classes we did last year (you can see this in older posts via the photos) and at present we are doing our first Co-op learning which is an 8 week co-op running each Monday. This is a series of small classes on things such as Astronomy, Cooking, Yoga, Thinking Games, Food Inc, Cup Cakery. Again photos can be seen here on the blog.
      We are intending on running more Co-ops in the future as this one has been so successful. The children are given opportunities between lessons on this day to play outside in the playground and socialize. I think one of the most positive things about homeschooling is that your child will learn to socialize with people of all different backgrounds, nationalities and age groups rather than just with their peer group.
      There are online curriculums where you register with a school or company and they provide all you need, others homeschool their children by selecting curriculum from a variety of places to better suit their childs needs. Links to some curriculum ideas can be found down the left hand side of this blog.
      Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

  5. Gabrielle Eissa said:

    Help needed!
    My family is moving to Doha this March and my son is seven years old in second grade at in IB school here in Abu Dhabi. We have applied for ASD, however as the norm, we have not been able to find space for this academic year but are hopeful to have him enrolled by next year. I have contacted the school to find out their thoughs/advice and expectations of a home schooling program and queried which would be the most acceptable accredited program. Unfortunately they were not able to assist at all, so I am hoping that you may be able to. I sincerely appreciate any advice you may have to offer.
    Many thanks in advance.

    • spikenbutchsmom said:

      HI, Gabrielle! If you’re looking at an American curriculum, probably your best bet is either K12 or Time 4 Learning, both of whch are online program and give clear records of acheivement for the school to examine. K12 is often used as a distance learning program in many of the Departments of Education in the States. Hope this helps!

      Margaret Douglass
      Forum Administrator

      • Gabrielle said:

        Thankyou so much. I have begun researching and the k12 program seems most appropriate for our needs.
        One more question , when homeschooling are there any particular requirements from the Qatar Ministry of Education , do you need to register your child, or complete any bureaucratic procedures?
        Thanks again for all your help, and will definitely be in touch when we arrive, beginning another new adventure!

      • spikenbutchsmom said:

        There is no registration here. Home schooling is not legal for Qatari nationals, so we ex-pats are on our own. Do make sure that if your home country/state/province requires some kind of registration that you let them know, but otherwise, simply keep good records of all your work. A couple of us are certified for some of the national acheivement tests in the U.S., so if you’d like testing done at the end of the year, let us know, and do join the Big Tent group as soon as you’re over here to get involved in activities.


  6. Hello, We are relocating to Doha by March-April. My children are currently in schools and of course they won’t be accepted in schools right away. Does anyone have the experience of homeschooling for a short while till kids get accepting in schools ? thanks

  7. Hello, I am new to homeschooling. My daughter will be 5 years old in October and I also have a 2 year old daughter. We are from the States. My husband’s company doesn’t provide money for school so we have decided to home school my daughter. What events can I attend this month to join your bigtent group? Is anyone here from the States using K12 online or Connections Academy for free? Thank in advice for all the information. Sharon

    • spikenbutchsmom said:

      Hi, Sharon! If you’re already beginning Pre-K instruction with your daughter, you can join the group now – just post the application through Big Tent. If you have any trouble, let me know.


  8. Right now I am trying to figure out what lesson plan or material I am going to use. I am a bit overwhelmed at the choices. I haven’t began instructions yet.

  9. Urgent help is needed,
    We will be moving to Doha in August, my 10 year old child has given us a hard time at school due to his lack of concentration and attention span. Unfortynately, we were unable to do any kind of ADD/ADHD testing as it is not available where we are now in Saudi. Could any one please let me know if there is a testing center in Doha for ADD/ADHD children. I would greatly appreciate any response. Thanks

  10. Liza Boshoff said:

    We might be immegrating in 14 weeks from South Africa.
    Do I need to register any where to do home schooling with my two boys 7 and 9.
    We are afrikaans, and I’m not sure if my boys will adapt to schooling in english.
    In what grades will they be in Doha?
    Have read terrible things of the schools in Doha.
    I would love to do home schooling and ease them in to the change of a new country.

    Kind regards.


    • spikenbutchsmom said:

      Hi, Liza!

      No need to enroll with anyone here to home school, though you may need to at home, depending on national/province rules. (If you are coming, shoot us an email and I’ll get you hooked up with one of our SA ladies! We’ve several other Afrikans speakers in the group.) Their grade would depend on which curriculum you’re using, but probably Grades 2 & 4 in an American one, Year 3 & 5 in a British one.

      Granted, I’m prejudice, but I would highly recommend home schooling here. Though of course there are some good schools and excellent teachers here in Doha, many of the schools are afflicted by terrible staff turnovers and demanding owners (they are nearly all for profit schools,) and the ones that have managed to avoid such problems are hard to get into. Also, you would be limited to curricula not based on your home country’s system, which could be very frustrating to your children.

      We’re happy to help – give us a shout if you do come to Doha!


      ~ Margaret

      • Liza Boshoff said:

        Hi Margaret, thank you for

        Yes please put me in
        Contact with one of your
        Ladies from SA asap.

        We just got confirmation that
        We will be coming in
        9 weeks and I have to get
        Everything arranged and in order.

        Kind regards,


  11. I am a single mom of two small children (about to be 4 and about to be 5) and am considering a move to Doha. I have worked as an international lawyer for many years and have been blessed to have taken the past three years to live back in the States with the kids and have been teaching law school, giving me an incredibly flexible schedule to be with the kids. My son (both kids are adopted) has been going through tons of testing, couseling, doctors etc. in the past year for adhd and anxiety. He’s lovely and bright, but he does struggle with attention span etc. We tried pre-school and it was really hard for him, and with the pediatrician and counselors recommendation, I pulled him out and have been homeschooling. It’s not hard for pre-school and kindergarten and I have been so happy with the choice allowing him more interactive learning rather than the worksheet style of early education that the U.S. seems to have turned to. Now, I am considering going to work in Doha, and would like to continue his homeschooling (and probably would need to homeschool my daughter for pre-school while waiting to see if we can get her into a school…and if I want to get her into a school or just continue her homeschooling). My question is….I want to continue to be quite involved in his homeschooling, as I can (fieldtrips, evening and weekend learning etc), but will need to have a home school tutor to come in for a few hours everyday during the work week so that there is some structure to the homeschooling. I am deciding now between jobs in Nairobi (where we have lived previously) and Doha. How hard will it be to find a home school tutor for early education in Doha? It would have to be someone patient (my son is very sweet, but a handful…he is ALWAYS moving and touching etc). Is this going to be impossible? As well, if we do move, will I be able to be involved in your group along with a tutor (if I could find one). I really don’t want to give up my connection to my childrens education because I have gone back to work in an office.

    Thanks for any information!

    Best, Kirsten

    • spikenbutchsmom said:


      Doha is a very large and international city, and experts in almost anything can be found if you dig! I can put this out to the board to see if anyone knows tutors; I can also speak to some folks in early ed here in the city. Also, not sure what kind of special services you’ll need, but there is a British company coming in just this fall to work with kids with learning and emotional development issues – this may be just what you need.

      Keep in touch and send me an email if you need anything more.


  12. Thank you so much! Disappointingly, it looks as though we will not be moving after all. I was lookingforward to the new adventure. But, thank you so much for responding!

  13. Hi,

    I’m from South Africa and we are moving to Doha end of January 2013. I have two boys Liam 7 years (Grade 1) and Devhan almost 4 years old. They’re both in an Afrikaans school at the moment.
    I would like to find out more about home schooling for them. Would a home eduaction Curriculum from South Africa be sufficient or what would be the best curriculum to follow?
    Should they be accepted at a school at a later stage, would they be up to date with their standards?


    • Hi, Esther!

      It’s usually best to stick with the standards of your home country, although there are some very good international curricula available, too, and many of them online, making them a great choice if you’re planning to home school as a temporary measure. If you’d like to get in touch with some of the South African home schoolers here, send me an email through the site and I’ll get you in touch with them.


      Margaret Douglass
      Doha Home Educators

  14. Hi,

    i wanna ask does any one know or can suggest to me a British curriculum web site??

    thanks in Advance

  15. Sara, try weshome.com . We have several folks using their curriculum who are very pleased with it.

    Also, see http://wolseyhalloxford.wordpress.com/ for some more resources.

    Are you home schooling or planning to home school here in Doha?

    Cheers ~ Margaret

  16. Hi Margaret::

    Thanks for your reply,I DO THINK IN HO,E SCHOOLING FOR MY 6 YEARS SON AND 3 YEARS DAUGHTER and i do like the Calvert curriculum for my kids but i asked for the British one cause i’m planning to open a kindergarten and i wanna an excellent and certified curriculum..
    Do u or any 1 ve any suggestions???

    Thanks in Advance


  17. We might be relocating to Doha and I had a couple of questions. We currently home school in the United States. Here, some of the schools allow you to take certain classes at the school even if you are homeschooling. They also allow you participate on their sports teams. Is that the case in Doha? Do you know any specific schools that cooperate with home school families in this manner?
    For example, my child would be welcome to attend school for band or orchestra or gym. She would also be able to play on a school team such as soccer, basketball etc.
    Do any of the schools allow you to pay to take only certain classes? We don’t want to fully enroll in a school, but would like to supplement our curriculum through the local school.
    Any information would be helpful!
    Thank you!

    • Unfortunately, Laura, all the English-speaking schools here are for-profit, private schools, and do not offer such opportunities to home-educated students. However, there are other private sports clubs, a community orchestra, etc. here in which students can participate, though they usually have a fee.

  18. philline macapondag said:

    Hi! My son and i just moved in Doha to join my husband for good. Due to lack of school requirements with us, I fear that he will not be accomodated as new high school enrollee. Do you cater grade 9 students? how much is the tuition? thanks

  19. Manoharan said:

    This is Mano. Can you please guide me how to join my kids in DHE on temporary basis

  20. Hi I have just arrived in Doha. I am a very experienced Scottish primary teacher (36 years) and am looking to do some home tutoring. A friend suggested I email this site to see if you have anyone interested in some tutoring from an experienced teacher. I live in Education City.
    Thank you. Fiona Murphy.

  21. Wendy Gialouris said:

    To whom it may concern
    Good day!

    We have recently moved to Qatar and we would love to know what the process would be to start homeschooling. My daughter was lucky enough to get into one of the school’s straight away and she is loving it, but financially it’s really expensive. What I would like to know are the following: Would it be a problem to start homeschooling in the second term? What would the cost be to complete the rest of the year. And who do I call (Department of Education) to register.
    Thanking you kindly

  22. Hai,
    I’m Murni from Jakarta, i’ll be moving to doha in march 2016, me and my husband plan to homschooling our daughter, 6yo. Is there any DHE meeting/gathering will be held in march or april so i can join?
    Thank you

  23. Is there any college around Doha which offer Alevels for year 12-13. I recall reading about a day full time place somewhere near Salwa Road….I am not referring to Doha College, but something close to it.

  24. Hi,

    I’m Keke from Indonesia and I’m new here in Doha. I have 3 children : 13, 11 and 7. I’m looking for school but apparently it’s difficult to apply in the middle of term. So, I’m thinking to switch to homeschooling instead. Any info on how to start homeschooling ?? Thank you

  25. Justine Mutch said:

    Morning, what age group is the group at the moment

  26. Justine Mutch said:

    Great, I have a 13 year old girl. I’m in Qatar at the moment for a few weeks. Are you catching up soon, maybe I could come and meet a few of you and see what you guys do? If that’s ok

    • HI, Justine – can you explain your circumstances a little more? Are you currently homeschooling? What information are you looking for? Thanks!

      You can also send more information to dohahomeeducators@gmail.com. 🙂

      • Justine Mutch said:

        Sure, my daughter is currently at a Amelia Reggio school in Perth Australia. She learns out side of the box and normal schooling doesn’t suit her. We are looking into any schools that teach this way but so far none that we are aware of. Thinking the Finland international school maybe the only one but if this isn’t right for her we are going with a school in Australia called Side, it is a home schooling. But it will be our first time as home schoolers so all the help and the social side would be appreciated. Just trying to work it all out and what would be best for her. We also have another daughter who fits in fine with all types of schools but she’s year 11 and changing curriculum at this stage may not work so she may also be home schooled with Side. Thanks

        Justine Mutch


      • Our network runs two cooperatives a year for extension classes, plus we organize days out, field trips, etc. We’re also involved in Model UNited Nations, Destination Imagination, and classes at the MIA. We have both a teen & a middle schoolers robotics club, and we have a school class slot with Regatta Sailing Academy. If you do decide to homeschool, let us know. 🙂

  27. Arwa Saad said:


    My name is Arwa mother of five kids four of the go to school here in qatar
    We came from the states four years ago and I was so disappointed and still with the schools in here

    So I thought homeschooling may be the solution for me
    To make sure they get the education that they need

    I applied to k 12
    But their system isn’t really clear for payments and not straight forward from the beginning

    So my husband made me hesitate to continue enrolling the kids

    May I ask you what do u know about k 12 and is there other school u may recommend ?

    And also for me as my kids are grades 6, 4, 3, and 1 how l ll be able to manage them all at the same time ?

    • Hi, Arwa,

      K12 is a strong program, and they tend to get good results. Are you specifically looking for an American system? Are you thinking of home schooling long term or short term?

  28. Hi,

    We have recently moved to Doha from Connecticut. Does anyone have experience with Time4Learning? I am specifically considering this program since it allows us the time for many extra activities such as Quran memorization, gymnastics, soccer, pottery, acting, etc. insha’Allah (if God-willing). However, I am concerned that Time4Learning doesn’t give transcripts so my kids will have difficulty joining a brick and mortar school. Does any one have experience with Time4Learning with those grades? I have used Calvert – too extensive. K12 and Connections will consume quite a bit of time as well especially since we are starting late.

    Also, how do I join your group?

    Thank you,


    • Time4Learning can be very effective; however, it will not give a transcript, and it may cause problems if you wish for your children to enroll in a school in Qatar later on. We would recommend talking to any schools you might be interested in first, to see if they will accept it.

      As for joining, please enroll in out forum on Big Tent! 🙂 (bigtent.com/group/dohahomeed)

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