We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

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Doha Home Educators is getting ready to launch our Spring Co-op 2017. But what exactly IS a co-op? And what exactly do home schoolers get from one?

Co-op is a shortened form of “cooperative” and as the name implies, a pooling of resources. In this case, it’s home schooling parents coming together for classes and social time. DHE has been doing co-ops since 2011.


Though some home education networks have elaborate cooperatives that cover base subjects and run throughout the year, we have a more modest offering here in Doha. As our space and time to use it are limited, we offer extension classes one morning a week for terms – one in the autumn, and one in the spring. (Yes, we know it’s February. Trust us – that’s spring here in Doha. By the end of March, it will be summer again!)

Our classes include cooking, PE, and introductions to languages, as well as hands-on science and hands-on crafts such as paper creations and crochet. It really all comes down to what parents can offer to teach. Whatever skills  our families feel that they can share become our classes for that term. It’s great fun, and a learning opportunity for all!

In addition to the learning benefits, home schooled students get a chance to truly spend time with each other. They learn how to interact, engage, and share ideas with peers as well as teachers in a new way. Socialization is not an issue at co-op!

Our newest co-op will open this week, and we’re excited to share pictures and experiences with you!



DHE is so excited about our Autumn Co-op 2012! With a mix of both mom-led and professionally offered classes, nearly 30 families and nearly 70 students, this is the biggest cooperative learning effort in the DHE’s history. What an exciting time to be home schooling on Doha!

We have a wide range of classes offered this go, from ancient myths to modern robotics, physical education to knitting. Our students range from 4-14 and represent more than 10 different countries.

Below are some snapshots of our first week. Autumn Co-op runs through mid-November.

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And What A Good Time It Was

DHE Spring Co-Op 2012 was a raging success! A great time was had by all, and we can’t wait to do it again in the fall! Thanks again to all the marvelous teacher and helper moms who made it possible!

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Spring Co-op

Today marked the day of our first Doha Home Educators Co-op and it was a huge success with over 48 in attendance in a diverse variety of classes. The Co-op is going to be running for the next 8 weeks and includes classes like ‘I am an Artist’, ‘Girls on the Go’, ‘Singing’, ‘Astronomy with Experiments’, ‘Messy Hands’, ‘Thinking Games’, ‘Using our Imagination’, ‘Cooking Class’, ‘Cupcakery’, ‘Playground Games’, Kids Yoga’ and ‘Food Inc’.

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Look what we’ve been up to!

The school year has started with a bang and families at DHE have been busy with lots of interesting programs and events already.
Here is a taste of what’s been happening.

THE ANCIENTS – Mummifying a chicken
Some of our families got together for the day to mummify a chicken showing how the Egyptians used to go through this process before they entombed their dead. Unfortunately (or luckily) we don’t have smell-a web here as things could get interesting in a few weeks.

Line and Form

Again this week we had a wonderful lesson in Art focusing on line and form.

The students were given the opportunity to try out different mediums including, charcoal, felt pen, lead pencils and even drawing with an eraser.   They were given a black and white drawing of an eye and with the different mediums and different sketching techniques they recreated the eye picture.

The classes are well structured to cater for all ages and abilities.

Examples of student work using the different mediums.

Textures – Property of a Surface

This week we learned about a portion of the textures that make up our world. It is amazing how much we use our eyes to describe everything we see or feel. Color is a large part of it.

We started class with a review of the principles that we learned last week: Chromatic Circle, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Complimentary colors. The artists covered last week were Warhol, Lichenstein and Mondrian. This was all accomplished through power point slides.

Next was a hands on activity to use our eyes to observe textures. Then on to the hands on experience.

Each child had an opportunity to experience an object and describe the textures that he or she felt.

More hands on experiences followed with each student creating 6 different textures in their notebook covering half a sheet.

When they were finished all the papers went outside to be spray painted white. Why? So the color does not distract the eye and the textures can stand out even more.

What are your favorite textures?