We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.


Doha Home Educators is getting ready to launch our Spring Co-op 2017. But what exactly IS a co-op? And what exactly do home schoolers get from one?

Co-op is a shortened form of “cooperative” and as the name implies, a pooling of resources. In this case, it’s home schooling parents coming together for classes and social time. DHE has been doing co-ops since 2011.


Though some home education networks have elaborate cooperatives that cover base subjects and run throughout the year, we have a more modest offering here in Doha. As our space and time to use it are limited, we offer extension classes one morning a week for terms – one in the autumn, and one in the spring. (Yes, we know it’s February. Trust us – that’s spring here in Doha. By the end of March, it will be summer again!)

Our classes include cooking, PE, and introductions to languages, as well as hands-on science and hands-on crafts such as paper creations and crochet. It really all comes down to what parents can offer to teach. Whatever skills  our families feel that they can share become our classes for that term. It’s great fun, and a learning opportunity for all!

In addition to the learning benefits, home schooled students get a chance to truly spend time with each other. They learn how to interact, engage, and share ideas with peers as well as teachers in a new way. Socialization is not an issue at co-op!

Our newest co-op will open this week, and we’re excited to share pictures and experiences with you!


Comments on: "Ready…Set….Co-op!" (2)

  1. Najma essack said:

    Hi we planning to relocate to doha. I have 3 kids currently in gr8 ,gr 2 and grdRR in SA.im interested in putting them in your home schooling program. If someone could please email me your structure and fees and how do i go about enrolling my kids. Please i would appreciate it if i could get a response as soon as possible. Thnx

    • Homeschooling Mum said:

      Hi Najma,

      The Doha Home Educators are a support group not a school. All parents in the group are involved in educating their own children at their own homes though sometimes two or more families may get together on certain projects or during co-op when parents of participating homeschoolers plan and assist with classes for the children. For more information I suggest clicking on the link at the top of the page -[ “What We Are… And What We Are Not”.

      If you are looking for a school, this is not it. I would recommend looking up sites like ExpatWoman for lists of schools (though not entirely comprehensive) and ensure you are looking at the Qatar schools. Alternatively you can join a facebook group called When, Where, How: Doha for feedback about schools.

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