We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

DHE’s “Youngers” subgroup is designed for our youngest home educators, with more hands-on projects and social time.

Recently, our 3-8 year olds have been enjoying a lot of art! From a mosaics class to museum & drawing visits, our children have been able to explore art in various forms from different cultures and times. A huge thanks to the mums who help make this group happen – we love our littlest home schoolers!


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Comments on: "Art Thou a Younger Doha Home Educator?" (7)

  1. Aiat ahmad hasan said:

    That is great!!!
    Please how can I let my kids join??
    Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

  2. My daughter is in preschool now. I am planning to homeschool her from September . How to join this group. ?
    Thank you

  3. Hi,

    I have been in Doha (Barwa City) for the last 3weeks now and contemplating homeschooling my 2boys (4&5)
    The biggest hurdle is they have struggled with the move and the lack of friendships thus far…that is the only reason they are so desperate to go to school!
    Does the homeschooling network socialize enough for them to benefit from making friends?

    • Hi, Rebekah! You are here in the height of summer, when most families are out of country, so, it’s not so easy to find playmates. When folks return from holiday, there will be many more opportunities. Our network schedules regular activities as the weather starts to cool and more folks are in country. What is “enough” depends on what’s right for your family. 🙂 But there are also sports and clubs in which to make friends, which should begin opening within the next few weeks (as the schools are starting earlier this year.) If you do decide to home school, please let us know – we’re happy to help.

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