We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

NO socialization worries here!

NO socialization worries here!

A common first question from new home schoolers is always, “But how do they make friends?” At DHE, we have no such worries.

Our network recently hosted a learning cooperative for a hundred children. That’s larger than some schools in Qatar. A recent swim day brought dozens of children to the pool together, and dozens more will be attending museum and Aquapark trips together this month.

Being involved with a network can give many opportunities for social time. But it’s not the only way our children are “socialized.” Strong families, sports, religious organizations, and other clubs in the community also allow home schooled children to flourish in social settings.

If there is one aspect of considering home schooling that should NOT worry you, it’s the ability for your child to make friends.


Comments on: "Yes, They Have Friends" (3)

  1. Family Seeking Home School Teacher:

    An American family is seeking a teacher to implement a home-school program for their 8-year old son.

    Professional educators experienced with learning challenges AND/OR someone possessing key attitudes and qualities such as empathy, patience, intuition, flexibility, confidence, joyfulness and curiosity preferred.

    Curriculum will be provided as well as support and training, where necessary, to best cater for the student’s specific learning needs

    20-25 hours per week within typical school day, timings and salary negotiable.

  2. Hi plz I want to join this for my two daughters what the procedure

  3. How old are your daughters, and where are you from? Does your country accept students taught at home?

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