We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

As more and more people come into Doha and are unable to find school places, they are finding that home schooling – even for a season – is the answer for their family. If you are one of those folks, please browse our links and check out of Facebook page! Many initial answers can be found there. Still have questions? COme join us for a newcomers/inquirers’ event – such as the one we’re having 12 February at 7PM. (Directions available upon request.)

The best way to learn about home schooling is to ask whose who do it! Hope to see you at an event soon!


Comments on: "“Help! I have questions….”" (20)

  1. Suzanne balkis said:

    Hi location of the meeting please

  2. Check your email, Suzanne! 🙂

  3. Can you please provide location for the Feb 12 event… My brother just moved here from Sydney and is trying to learn about home schooling options for his kids.

  4. Hi. Pls can I have the location for meeting. Thanks

  5. I would like to come to tomorrow night’s event. Please inform me of the location. Thank you.

  6. Please can you forward me this information too? I need my boy to get in and have no idea how to go about. Many thanks!

  7. Hi I am due to take up a job in Doha in August. I have 5 children and not able to afford the school fees. Also, my eldest son has always wanted to be homeschooled as he’s extea bright but everso sensitive, and I think the timing would be great to homeschool him with his siblings. Husband needs some guidance and reaasurance that he will have enough to do to keep the children occupied. Whats is a typical homeschooling day like, how often do you meet and what’s the estimate cost of homeschooling?

  8. Thanks for for pointing me to that really useful site. Trying to sort this all out in my head and explore all options. My eldest is set against going to school and wants to be home schooled. I am thinking of putting the younger ones into school only because their fees are not as expensive as the eldest……I will be working but is there anything that is arranged where expat students can attend on a weekly or couple days a week club during the day….. so he learns and makes friends….. Do you arrange regular day trips/events in Doha where my eldest can attend and make friends. Also, I want to get some feedback with parents whose children have entered exams privately in Doha and how well they did, did they have any problems, where did they sit the exams…..a general idea of the examination entry procedure. I have checked the British Council Doha and they allow private candidates, but I got confused with the different type of exams they have, IGCSE and board Edxcel, CIE….can someone help me out please. Sorry, I just read my message back to myself and it sounds if I have asked too many questions….I am so confused, need some direction.

    • Hi, Sheba, are you British? The Consulate, as I understand it, gives all the standard British exams.

      We do not have regular meetings except during our cooperatives, and a lot of things happen more organically. We will know the schedule for the October – November co – op in September.

  9. PS……………..Can you send me a schedule of planned Doha events for the next academic year please?

  10. Hi I want to join meet can yoy plz tell me location n how to join for my daughters

    • How old are your daughters?

      Things are a bit quiet right now, as most folks are wrapping up their curriculum and heading out for the summer.

      Are you home schooling now, or thinking about it?

  11. I’m interested in home schooling for my girl
    I need to know the upcoming gathering for info

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