We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

Join us for coffee & chat!

Join us for coffee & chat!

Have you ever considered home schooling? Maybe you’re unhappy with your children’s current educational situation, or maybe you’re worried about getting a place for the fall. You’ve thought about it, but you don’t know much about it, and you have no idea even where to go or whom to ask. We’ve got ya covered!
Introducing “Considering Home Schooling” Coffee meet-ups!
If you’re considering taking charge of your children’s education and would like to know more from the folks actually doing it, come chat with current members of the Doha Home Educators to find out about how to begin, where to go & what to do. Current home schooling moms are happy to answer your questions, help to resolve your issues, and allay your fears. You CAN do this!

Please email us if you are interested in attending and we will send you the dates, times, and locations of our next event!


Comments on: "Considering Home Schooling Coffee Meet-ups!" (18)

  1. Mustapha Huneyd said:


    I have my child coming in from Dubai, can have not secured admission in any of the IB/American or British schools in Doha yet. How can we get him home educated until he receives admission?

    • Hi, Mustapha! How old is your child? Many on-line programs are out there for various curricula; you might try one for a term until he is accepted. Check out some of the great links on our page.



  2. Perihan Kamar said:

    My name is perihan,an egyptian mother of 2 recently moved to doha.I am also ecpecting my third baby in december inshaa ALLAH. I can’t find a school for my bigger son,he is turning 5 in december, and was thinking of homeschooling him.I am also a certified Montessori teacher for the age from 3 to 6 but. couldn’t do my practical hours as was planned as we moved here.I am very scared of the idea of homeschooling …also being pregnant and having my third baby son.I wanted to share my fears with you and to ask you about your opinion, to share your experieces if any of you has been through similar situation and to ask your advice for a good curriculum.
    Also if I plan later on to put my son in a school here in Doha,would they accept him as a homeschooler ?
    I would also love to attend your gatherings if you don’t mind.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Perihan,

      Home schooling a child at this age can be easy and fun – don’t let it frighten you! Children can learn all they need to know at this age through good literature that you read to them, hands-on activities, and small beginner books to introduce phonics concepts. What curriculum you use would depend on your own goals and desires for your child. If you plan to send your child to school later, you will probably want to follow a curriculum that matches the schools you’re looking at, IE. American, British, etc. Or, you may want to follow your own expertise; there are numerous Montessori home school programs available. If you would like to talk to either Egyptian mums and/or mums who are currently home schooling with infants, let me know, and I will be happy to put you in touch. Also, we should be announcing our next coffee meet-up shortly!

      Cheers! ~ Margaret

  3. Nettie Gomez said:

    I am interested in attending your next coffee.
    Thank you,

    • It should be sometime in early September, Nettie – we will keep you posted!

      • Perihan Kamar said:

        Hello again,
        I posted a long comment last week asking for your advice and didn’t get reply yet.I hope you have the time to read it and get back to me.Thanks

  4. Hi, I have a 3 and half year old and a 2 yr old. I have a place at tiny town nursery to start 3 days a week in Sept so she can get into school! I am feeling very anxious about it and wondering if I’m doing the right thing by sending her.
    My main concerns are the cost and not sure if she’s ready. Also concerned that if I keep her off she will not have enough friends ad they are all in school from Sept.

    Can anyone help me? If I could find enough people who have similar age children and not keeping them in school then I would be happy to keep her with me.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi, Tara, sorry for the late reply.

      We do have a play group of younger children who meet regularly – their next playdate is 19 September. If you’re not already on their list, I’m happy to forward your email to the coordinator.

      Cheers! ~ Margaret

      • Hi Margeret,
        That sounds fun thanks! I would like you to forward them my e-mail and join the group on 19th.

  5. Hi, I’m fr Malaysia with 3 boys (all 3yrs old), would like to attend the coffee meet up 🙂

    • Ah, Helena, shame, it was that morning! 😦 But we’ll be having another at the beginning of October. Meanwhile, have you begun to home school? Or is this an idea you’re still considering? Do you have any immediate questions I could help you with?

      Cheers! ~ Margaret

  6. Hi There,

    I’m not sure if the last comment went through. Could you let me know when the next coffee meet-up is? I have a almost 5year old that may benefit from homeschooling as his regular school does not have any outdoor play time. Thanks! Jasmine

  7. Folks, it looks like our next coffee will be Saturday, 5 October. Still looking to confirm a space and time – watch this space!

  8. Okay, our folks had to cancel on the 5th, but now we have TWO meet ups planned! Both at IKEA, Doha:

    13 October @ 7:30 PM &
    19 October @ 9:30 AM

    Morning OR Evening (or both, if you have a lot of questions!) we will try to accommodate!

    If you have questions in advance that you’s like to talk to us about, please list them here!


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