We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

One of our mothers is running a weekly course on Social Graces. She will be teaching our children some of the life skills to help them to become polite, respectful members of society in all sort of different situations and cultures. This important subject has been a big hit with the DHE families, with a large group of us attending the first lesson last week. Living in the Middle East we come across many different customs that we may not be used to but there are also manners that cross all cultures like this first lesson on ‘Listening’.

Everyone assembled and listening intently on our 'Listening' lesson.

We show respect to others by actively listening to them. How do you actively listen? Make and maintain comfortable eye contact when someone is talking to you. Ask questions to show your interest in what they are saying . Focus on what the person is saying and respond when necessary.

To reinforce how difficult it can be to make and maintain eye contact with someone we played a game where you had to catch someone's attention across the room and then hold their eye contact while swapping places with them. Great fun and not as easy as it sounds.

Afterwards we shared lunch and the kids socialized with their homeschool buddies young and old.


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