We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

Nautae Sumus!

DHE is pleased to have our largest class ever at Regatta Sailing Academy!  Nearly 20 sailors are learning each week. Although most are beginners, we have a few advanced sailors on the water as well. Huge thanks to Sam, Matt, and Spike at Regatta who are teaching us!

DHE’s “Youngers” subgroup is designed for our youngest home educators, with more hands-on projects and social time.

Recently, our 3-8 year olds have been enjoying a lot of art! From a mosaics class to museum & drawing visits, our children have been able to explore art in various forms from different cultures and times. A huge thanks to the mums who help make this group happen – we love our littlest home schoolers!


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Once again, DHE members will be doing coffee and conversation for those who wish to learn more about the possibility of home schooling. Join us at IKEA from 9-11 AM this Saturday, 3 September!


Join us for coffee & chat!

Back to school….or not!

Summer is coming to a close, and many people are returning to Doha. Most of DHE’s members are preparing for their new year of school.

And some are not.  And that’s okay.

With dozens of families from all over the world, DHE members have many different schedules to suit their needs. So when it comes to making a home school schedule, there are as many as there are homeschooling families!  Some are in the middle of their school year. Some school year round. Homeschooling allows for choices.

As long as you’re meeting your home country/state/province requirements, you can do whatever suits your family. Paralyzed by choice? Not to worry. American blogger Kris Bales has some great suggestions on how to set up your home schooling year.

Happy planning!

Healthy Cooking

Co-op has a schedule. The rest is up to you! 😊

It was with great pleasure that Doha Home Educators participated as a special delegation to The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) in Qatar.

Seven DHE students had the amazing experience of one of the largest international MUN conferences in the world, held at the QNCC 27-29 January, 2016. These students learned public speaking skills, research skills, and learning ideas from another perspective – life skills hard to obtain in regular school settings, public or home! The MUN experience helped our students to grow, and promoted leadership skills. DHE is proud of these incredible young people, and look forward to working with the MUN program here in Qatar in the funture.

DHE’s 10th co-op has successfully launched!

Students are learning about art, electronics, physical education, mind-bending logic, cooking, and much more!

DHE is thrilled that we have been able to provide such cooperative learning opportunities to the home schooled expatriate community for five years now. But the key is “cooperative!” We are non-profit, and the teaching and organization is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor by parents. Huge thanks to our many parents who have stepped up to teach this term, and to all our other parents in helping roles – it is due to you that things like co-op happen!


Join us for coffee & chat!

Join us for coffee & chat!


We’re holding coffees at IKEA again for those who are new to home schooling, or who are thinking about it and inquiring. Won’t you join us? Our next one is 19 September, IKEA Cafe in Al Kharitiyat (north of Doha, exit 8 from Shamal Road.) 9 AM – 11 AM – See you there!