We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

Join us for coffee & chat!

Join us for coffee & chat!


We’re holding coffees at IKEA again for those who are new to home schooling, or who are thinking about it and inquiring. Won’t you join us? Our next one is 19 September, IKEA Cafe in Al Kharitiyat (north of Doha, exit 8 from Shamal Road.) 9 AM – 11 AM – See you there!

It’s a new school year! Most DHE members are back in Doha, and back at schooling. What better way to celebrate than spend time with home schooling friends! Our DHE Back to School party was held this week at the Gondolonia Bowling Center in Villagio Mall. Home schoolers young and old came out to have fun.

DHE hopes you are having a great new school year!



Happy Students...the Home School Way!

Happy Students…the Home School Way!

Many folks have questions about exactly what we are and what we do. We have added a page for that!


We hope it answers some questions and concerns, and we wish you all the best in determining the right educational solutions for your family.

Back to School…Hard at Work

Sometimes, home schoolers are asked the question, “What do you DO all day?


Hard at work home schooling

Hard at work home schooling


Glad you asked!

We study, as any other students do. Sometimes that’s traditionally. Sometimes it’s not – like when we’re reading on the couch, or wandering through a museum, or writing thoughts while sitting outside.

We take notes and do labs. Or we create artwork or plays.Or we read aloud. Or we work through a computer. Or we do a mix of all of these things, depending on the subject and how far into it we’re getting.


Butch in chair

There is not “right” or “wrong” way to home school. It is all about finding what works for your child.

Sometimes folks who are new to home schooling are worried about what they are doing. Really, as long as what you are doing is motivating your child to learn and discover, you’re doing fine.

To all of our home schoolers who have gotten started on their new year this month, Happy Home Schooling.

A Winning School

It was a great way to end the year at the beginning of summer. DHE students were recognized for their contributions to Mathaf’s Black and White exhibition. By allowing our network to enter as a “school”, we were given the opportunity to show how home educated children can and do shine.

DHE is proud of the students in our network who participated! Enjoy a sample of their work!

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NO socialization worries here!

NO socialization worries here!

A common first question from new home schoolers is always, “But how do they make friends?” At DHE, we have no such worries.

Our network recently hosted a learning cooperative for a hundred children. That’s larger than some schools in Qatar. A recent swim day brought dozens of children to the pool together, and dozens more will be attending museum and Aquapark trips together this month.

Being involved with a network can give many opportunities for social time. But it’s not the only way our children are “socialized.” Strong families, sports, religious organizations, and other clubs in the community also allow home schooled children to flourish in social settings.

If there is one aspect of considering home schooling that should NOT worry you, it’s the ability for your child to make friends.

Spring Co-op Is On!

It’s the biggest cooperative in DHE history! And we’re just getting started!


DHE students meet once a week during our co-op to learn together, as well as have fun together. The classes are voluntary, run by parents, and enjoyed by all. As a network, we strive to make our communal time fun for everyone!


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