We are a group of families living in Qatar and learning at home who come together to celebrate our diverse world.

Spring Co-op Is On!

It’s the biggest cooperative in DHE history! And we’re just getting started!


DHE students meet once a week during our co-op to learn together, as well as have fun together. The classes are voluntary, run by parents, and enjoyed by all. As a network, we strive to make our communal time fun for everyone!

DHE got to explore Qatar's new UNESCO heritage site last month.

DHE got to explore Qatar’s new UNESCO heritage site last month.

In February, DHE students and their families got to explore Al Zubarah Fort & Townsite, recently designated as Qatar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. We were treated to a tour of the new visitors center in the Fort, as well as the townsite still under excavation, but open toi the public as an archeological park.

We can’t say enough good things about it! In spite of weather issues (which, Al Zubarah assures us we’re welcome back, in spite of bringing the rains!) a great time was had by all, and our students (and parents!) enjoyed learning about Qatar’s fascinating past.

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As more and more people come into Doha and are unable to find school places, they are finding that home schooling – even for a season – is the answer for their family. If you are one of those folks, please browse our links and check out of Facebook page! Many initial answers can be found there. Still have questions? COme join us for a newcomers/inquirers’ event – such as the one we’re having 12 February at 7PM. (Directions available upon request.)

The best way to learn about home schooling is to ask whose who do it! Hope to see you at an event soon!

Our registration for Autumn Co-op 2013 has just opened, with a whopping 18 class offerings! This is our biggest offering ever to our network. Split between network led and professionally offered classes, the co-op this autumn has something for everyone. All home schooled children ages 4-16 are eligible, with classes beginning next week. If you’re not on our forum and you have children of these ages who are home schooled, email us today for more information!


Autumn pond

It’s a big step, educating your own children at home. Most people have never considered such a thing. But members of the Doha Home Educators network can help you.

Come join us for “Coffee, Dessert, Home School Questions” at 7:30 PM on Sunday, 13 October or “Eggs and Education” at 9:30 AM on Saturday, 19 October and ask your home schooling questions. We’ll be meeting casually at the cafe in IKEA Doha, so you can find answers AND accessories!

Off to a Great Start!

DHE began the “autumn term” (such as it is for us homeschoolers!) with a fantastic seminar for our moms (and several dads, too!)

Thank-you to our event coordinator and our wonderful speaker, who taught us to appreciate a growth mindset over a fixed one, thus assuring that each of our children can be at his or her very best.

Happy Autumn, Home Schoolers!

Ramadan Kareem!

Friends ready for iftar.

Friends ready for iftar.

As Qatar observes the month of Ramadan, many DHE families are participating in the fast. But with Ramadan comes iftar gatherings, family, and friends. DHE gathered for an iftar picnic with pony rides at Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim’s farm this month. Muslim & non-Muslim members alike shared and evening of good times, good food, and good memories.

As usual with DHE events, there's never enough food. /jk

As usual with DHE events, there’s never enough food. /jk

DHE families gather to take the meal together.

DHE families gather to take the meal together.

It's a family affair!

It’s a family affair!

Afterward, ponies!! :-)

Afterward, ponies!! :-)


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